Pull marketing and branding marketing explained

Pull marketing is any method a company uses to generate demand for a product. This is contrasted with “push” marketing, which is a strategy intended to sell out an existing supply of a product.

Modern pull marketing uses various media channels to generate interest about a product or company, encouraging customers to seek out the product or company on their own. This is especially popular and effective within Internet marketing, because pull marketing benefits greatly from independent social behavior like word-of-mouth and the “viral” content effect. Continue reading “Pull marketing and branding marketing explained”


Google Adwords numbers starting to max out

Google’s Q3 earnings report shows that clicks are at the lowest growth rate since 2010. Click volumes are up only 2% compared to Q2 2014. CPC’s all down across the board compared to Q2.

Bottom point : Google’s earnings and click volumes are not rising as in the past. The main cause is the competition in mobile search, especially Facebook.

Average cost per click is continuously falling for 12 quarters, a sign of decline in advertisers preferences.